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-=32nd Airborne Assault=-

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  • Ok guys this is Ghostdog apparently the 32nd airborne assault is going to merge with the 280d gaming clan. This is supposedly a great thing. Here is a tip for all of you planning on creating a clan. Set up a good system to do things and then follow the damn system. This clan had great potential but started to fall appart because the systems that were in place were never used. But also remember this is just a game don't get so involved in a game that there is no time for life and the other way arround too, don't get so involved in life that there is no time for games. Well this clan was a blast while it lasted and I had a pleasure fighting with each and every one of you. I especialy liked our stuka routine in capture the flag Zero. Good luck all that have been a part of our ranks and I hope life treats you good. Ghostdog signing off for the last time.
  • We have a new recruit his name is X-soldier. Welcome to our little battlefield family. 
  • Nutterbutter was permenitaly banned from ventrilo.
  • On a happier note the new site is getting close to ready and the ranking system too.
  • We have lost one more member Phantom. We hope you guys change your minds some day but we will have to keep moving with out you.
  • Swift by his own decision is being released from the clan. We will miss you Swift. Good gaming with you.
  • When Blacksaber returns we will organize a ranking system.
  • Blacksaber has lost his DSL connection for a while therefore Zero is temporarily incharge.

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