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-=32nd Airborne Assault=-
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For Being a Clan Member

1. No profanity is allowed.

2. No improper themes or subjects allowed.  This includes your name.  If we believe your name is inproper, please change it right away, or you will not be a clan member.
3. No cheating or hacking is allowed.
4. You should attend matches and practices, however, if you cannot, please post in the forums.
5. If you are to be gone for a a long period of time, let an officer, or, post in the forums in the Members Only section.  Failure to do this may result in placement on the inactive list, and releasement from the clan some time after.
6. You will treat clan all members with respect including other clan's members.
7. Members must belong to this clan only, gaming communities are ok though.
8. Members must always wear the clan tag -=32ndAA=- wherever they go!
9. Members can not be in any other clan while a member of the 32nd Airborne Assault.

1. We use Ventrilo, available at

2. You must abide by the rules at all times, or face consequences.

Violation of these rules will lead to being notified of your violation.  If the infractions continue disiplinary action will be taken. 


We do not allow any members under the age of 13. If you are under 13 and you really want to join we may make an exception.
After you fill out this info we will get back to you ASAP.
* = Required Information
Administrative Information
*1a.  Who is your recruiter? Leave as is if you have not been recruited.
*1b.  Which game did your recruiter recruit you for, or wish to join?
*2.  What is your first real name?
    Your first name will be displayed on the unit profiles pages.
*3.  What is your last name?
    Note: For clan records only; will not be displayed publicly.
*4.  What is your Date of Birth and age?    
*5.  What sex are you?
*6.  What is your geographical location?
    Note: If you're outside of CONUS, please do not continue with this form; we presently are a North American only clan.

*7.  What time zone are you in?
    Note: This clan is a United States based clan.
*8.  What are you system specs?

*9.  What is your primary e-mail address?
(Required Field)
10.  What is your ICQ number?
11.  What is your AIM screen name?
12.  What is your MSN messenger address?
*13.  What is one other form of backup communication you have?
    (i.e. to be contacted in an emergency; work e-mail, phone...)
Personal Gaming Data
*14.  What is your in-game alias? 
    Note: Only 10 - Alphabetical characters allowed. 
*15.  What is your favorite team to play as? Favorite kit?
*16.  What is your favorite map?
17.  How many hours a day do you spend online?
18.  List the most recent clan you have been a member of. Please supply a URL if possible.
*19.  What is your favorite vehicle to use in BF1942 or DC?
*20.  What is your favorite game mode to play?
21.  What is something you wish there was more of in this game?
Or, what is your favorite thing about this game?
Character Classification
*25.  Do you have any talents or skills?
    (i.e. drawing, web developing, singing, writing, poetry, ect)
*26.  Do you play any sports, or any extracurricular activities? Personal website?
 Education level?
*28.  Your current occupation?
Part Time
Full Time
29.  Are you married/divorced/widowed, and, do you have any children or dependants? (i.e. taking care of Grandmother)
30.  What is one of your current goals? 
(i.e. career, short term, ect)
*31.  Are you willing and able to help fund the Team Speak server, Game server, and/or website?
*32. Have you read the rules and will obey them?
33.  Where did you hear about the 32nd Airborne Assault?

 Personal quote?

35.  Feel free to type any comments, or questions you may have. Suggestions are welcomed!

If you have any questions about joining the 32nd Airborne Assault, please feel free to contact any of the previously stated recruiters. Thank you for your interest!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.